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Hi!  My name is "Jim The Friendly Resume Writer" and I would like to help you write a high-quality resume.   We will work on writing your resume together over the phone.   I run my resume service differently than most other web resume services.  You and I will simply talk on the phone for less than 45 minutes--I will ask you questions about your background, goals, experience and so forth--and you can tell me everything you want to include in your resume.   I will do 100% of the writing and formatting of your resume and send it back to you immediately by email as a Microsoft "Word" document attachment.  Then you just print it out.  (Or you can easily forward it by email to anyone you want to receive a copy.)   They will receive your resume the same day.

The result of this approach is that it is totally stress-free for you.  I am very good with words (God gives us all gifts) . . . and I'll take care of wording your resume so it will "work."  I feel the whole point of a resume is that it should inspire the person who reads it to do just 2 things: (#1) to finish reading your WHOLE resume, and then (#2) to pick up the telephone to call you in for a job interview.  That's what the resume I write with you will do.  And that's why it is such a good idea for us to work on it together over the phone.

I've been writing resumes for many years.  I write resumes that *work* in the real world.  Not the totally-useless excuses for resumes sold by some of the other web resume services.  An effective resume has got to be perceived by the person you give it to as: (a) honest, (b) clear, and (c) easy to understand. Yes, it has to be attractive. But, more importantly, if the person reading your resume feels you are just trying to impress him with fancy words, he will throw your resume right into the trash.  It will not get read.   I have written thousands of resumes and have collected extensive feedback from my customers--what "works" and what doesn't "work" in a resume that will actually get you a job.

Fast Resume Within 3 minutes you will receive an EMAIL telling you my next appointment times ! We will talk on the phone for LESS than 1 hour. We will write your resume TOGETHER . . . then I will send your resume back to you by email as a Microsoft "Word" document!